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Welcome to your Shifnal, this website has been set up to promote all that is good about Shifnal, and a place for us all to have a voice. We are continuing to challenge Shifnal Town Council over some big issues that are affecting Shifnal at the moment, if you would like to catch up with the story so far or keep up with the latest developments click here. To it’s residents Shifnal is a fantastic place to live, to it’s visitors Shifnal is a beautiful little town with much to offer. Many of our families have lived in Shifnal for generations and many people have chosen Shifnal as a place to settle down and perhaps many generations of their families will continue to live in this wonderful town. One thing unites us all and that is that we are residents of Shifnal and we care about this town. It is clear from the overwhelming support we have received that the Shifnal people are united in a common goal – to ensure our town continues to develop for the better and to maintain and restore some of the wonderful traditions we have come to know and love.

Prominant local business man warns Shifnal will flood again

After spending 3 hours at Peter Patons flood meeting on the 6th June I think I have a good understanding on what happened on that fateful night back in June 2007.
Firstly I need to dispell a few myths. There are no sluice gates at the priorslee resevoir and there was nobody there on that night to open anything. There are however two valves at the overflow to the resevoir but as far as anyone can make out these were not working, but they wouldn’t have made any difference anyway.
What we have to remember is that the floods were not just limited to Shifnal they were nationwide many towns suffered just as much and in some cases even more so than Shifnal.
Wesley brook originates somewhere near the priorslee flash lake, that water then flows out of the flash and down until it goes through priorslee resevoir / lake, when it gets to the overflow/outlet of the resevoir it continues on a path that takes it down and through Shifnal. That overflow is usually a gentle flow and for most parts of the year that flow is pretty consistent.
Leading upto the night of the flood we had 10 days of persistent rain, and on that particular night we had an almighty downfall the resevoir was already full to capacity and the amount of water going over the overflow was now quite considerable. Added to this was a tremendous amount of water coming off the M54 motorway which also flows into wesley brook, and many many more tributaries were all finding there way to Wesley brook. The brook had already broke its banks well before it made it to Shifnal and this is because there is a pipe that runs under the motorway that is only 1.2 metres in diametre and couldn’t take the volume of water trying to get through it. This caused a massive backlog, until the water dammed up enough that it eventually started flowing under the motorway bridge that is on the red hill turning upto haughton hill. Because this had happened, the flooding before that pipe had washed hundreds of tyres off the motocross course and these were being washed down the brook, together with fallen trees and all manner of other rubbish, so now we have a tremendous amount of water heading towards Shifnal, what happened next, in my opinion is what sealed the fate of many residents houses. The tyres, fallen trees and other rubbish started to form a dam. The volume of water that grew behind this dam was a tremendous amount and eventually that dam broke causing a 12ft high torrent of water to head straight towards Shifnal, or as some people have called it a Tsunami. This is what I think caused all the damage, but Peter Paton thinks that the floods still would have happened. Some people have remarked that this was a one off event because of a culmination of events and has never happened before and won’t happen again. But it will, unless action is taken.
Wesley brook has never flooded before because there was always a tremendous amount of land for the water to slowly drain in to, but over the last 20 to 30 years that land has been built on, stafford park, prioslee and the motorway cause a huge amount of water to find its way to wesley brook.
Priorslee resevoir is a balancing lake which is meant to control that water, but it doesn’t, and this is why : a balancing lake should be kept quite low, so that when we do have a really bad storm, there is capacity for the lake to take the excess water, but some bright spark decided to let boats and water skiers  use the lake, this provides a little income for severn trent, but this means the lake has to be full which in my opinion is crazy when so many properties, and if Peter Paton is correct also lives are at risk because of this.
Severn Trent also allowed the overflow to stop earlier this year resulting in wesley brook running dry for a couple of days. I witnessed this and also saw the thousands of fish this killed in the brook. This happened because the valve that is supposed to release water when water stops going over the overflow, was not working. We are assured that it is now working.
This is the solution Peter thinks needs to be done to stop any future floods. He beleives that another much bigger balancing lake needs to be built somewhere in priorslee, and he also thinks the highways agency needs to build a balancing lake at the side of the motorway to control the amount of water coming off that. Nobody is listening to Peter at the moment including our own council. I fear that if people don’t listen to him, there is potential for an even bigger disater in Shifnal, but by then it will be to late.
Hundreds of homes in Shifnal are going to find it difficult to get insurance, 600 to be exact, some of them are nowhere near the brook, and this is what really worries me. Insurance companys are not stupid, If they think there is potential for a massive flood in Shifnal, then there is potential for a massive flood in Shifnal. Shifnal is in a hole and there’s only one route out of Shifnal that is downhill and that is Wesley brook. Peter Paton knows it, the insurance companies know it, but the councils, severn trent, health and safety, highways agency want to ignore it because they know it would cost millions to put right

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